Daniil Danilov


Daniil is Russian and Swiss, having grown up in Moscow, Kuala Lumpur and Zurich. Daniil started trading on a stock simulator at 13 years old after discovering an article about Warren Buffet. After completing the International Baccaleareate, Daniil decided to study BSc Accounting and Finance Programme at the London School of Economics. Daniil found out about the AIC three months before he came to university and immidiatelty messaged the committee asking to join. After spending his first year as an officer on the logistics team, Daniil became Co-President of the AIC. Daniil's favorite part about the conference is hearing the questions that delegates ask speakers. His vision for AIC is spreading the conference to other continents. In his first year, Daniil completed a Spring Internship at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and was recently a Private Equity Intern for Partners Group. Outside of university, he enjoys doing weekend getaways, 5-on-5 football, and being a self-proclaimed rap afecianado. Daniil speaks Russian, German and Spanish, and is currently deciding between learning Portuguese and Arabic. Daniil's favorite book is Tim Ferris's Tool of Titans.