Jesse Tan


Jesse grew up in Singapore, served in the military as an Armour Engineer for 2 years, before starting his university studies at the LSE, where he is currently in his second year reading Economics. He found out about AIC through his seniors - and was extremely motivated to join the team given his interest in alternative investments and having seen the scale and magnitude of past editions of the conference. After being part of the marketing team in his first year, he wanted to be involved in a bigger role, hence he ran and became Co-President. He hopes to expand AIC to a global scale where conferences are held in major financial centres, and is currently working with the team to reach this goal, with current plans to host a future conference in Asia in the pipeline. In his spare time, Jesse can be found playing pool or binge-watching movies (he’s a huge movie buff - favourites include Godfather, Fight Club, Interstellar), or simply exploring various parts of London in search of new cuisines.