Kavi Shah


Kavi was born in London, went to school in London, attends university in London and hopes to have a long, successful, corporate career in London. Kavi is studying History, with the aim of becoming a corporate lawyer. He has completed various vacation schemes this summer, with multiple training contract offers from top city firms. Kavi found out about the AIC during his first year, having been on the receiving end of our extensive marketing strategies. He wanted to participate directly in such a huge event, successfully applying for a role as marketing officer in his second year. Kavi particularly enjoyed the friendships and bonds developed within the committee and was amazed that a group of students could pull of an event of such scale and quality. Thereafter, Kavi became Director of Marketing for the AIC. His vision is to make the marketing process more creative, efficient and effective, utilising new frameworks such as workshops and online paid marketing. Outside of university, Kavi is a keen sports fan – particularly rugby, football and tennis. He has had to show great resilience and endure much suffering as an avid Arsenal supporter. He enjoys going to the gym, but equally enjoys a pint!