Ruichen Sun


Ruichen is from Singapore and is currently in second year reading Economics. He joined the AIC as a member of the Campus Events team in his first year. The scale and reputation of the conference left a deep impression on him, and he ran for the Executive Team to be a part of the team at the heart of managing the speaker and sponsor relationships that form the backbone of the Conference. He is also excited to be bringing AIC to Asia this year, starting with prominent Asian speakers being featured on AIC Conversations and a possible physical conference in Singapore come 2021. He has previously interned in a SEA VC fund, a corporate finance advisory firm and most recently the private equity arm of Dymon Asia, and will be joining Point72 for their summer internship programme next year. Ruichen has played the cello since the age of 13 and previously performed as a soloist in his school orchestra. He enjoys overpriced brunch food, pretentious movies and tripartite lists.