Shrey Srivastava


Born in Delhi, Shrey moved to London when he was 2 months old and never looked back. He’s a certified ‘HABS Boy’ (he attended The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School). Currently a second year Finance student at the LSE, he essentially lives and breathes all things finance. He has been writing his very own finance blog since 2015, and his posts have garnered over 200,000 views. Spending his last few summers trading and interning at various financial institutions only made his interest grow deeper. His passion for finance is part of what got him interested in the AIC; seeing the essence of the conference as well as the amazing calibre of the speakers that attend, he knew it was a no-brainer that he wanted to be involved. He hopes to be able to use his writing know-how to help spread the AIC’s message to a wider audience through his role as Director of the Finance Review. In his first year, Shrey was a part of several different society committees, and gained insightful experience into equity research during his Spring Week at Jefferies. Outside of academics, Shrey enjoys both playing and watching sports – mainly tennis, football and cricket – and spends his time fanboying over his idol Rafael Nadal. He also likes listening to loud and obnoxious Bollywood music that gets him into trouble with everyone within a 5 mile radius.