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Yuan Yu

Yuan Yu


Yuan was born in Auckland, New Zealand. At 8, he moved to Hong Kong, the city where East meets West. After studying his A-Levels, he went on to LSE to study law, developing a strong interest in capital markets, commercial law and global affairs.

He joined AIC in 2021 as a Marketing Officer, where he went on to become the society's Vice-President. He aims to make this year's conference a more inclusive and holistic one, from the diversity of delegates to not only the calibre, but also range of speakers.

Yuan is an avid reader of authors such as Ray Dalio and Michael Lewis, with a particular interest on famous biographies and the development of emerging markets. In his spare time, he is a competitive tournament chess player, where he is rated over 2200. Say hi to him on Lichess! IGN: Matein55.

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