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Ben Melkman

Firm Name:

Light Sky Macro


Founder and CIO


$2.11 Billion




Hedge Fund




BSc (Hons) from the LSE

Ben Melkman

Ben Melkman is an Australian hedge fund manager that founded Light Sky Macro in 2016. Previosuly, he was a portfolio manager and named partner at Brevan Howard, one of the leading absolute return/hedge fund managers. Prior to this, Mr Melkman worked for Morgan Stanley at the FX desk where he became an Executive Director. The launch of Light Sky Macro in 2017 was the largest hedge fund launch for that year. The NYC-based firm invests on behalf of institutional investors with a macro strategy.

Macro investing is perhaps the most publicised of hedge fund strategies and consists of interpreting and predicting large macroeconomic events on the national, regional, and global scale. The typically analyzed factors for macro investors are interest rates, political events, currency exchange rates and internaitonal trade. As of November 2018, amongst Light Sky Macro's trades on global macroeconomic themes were Brexit, US-China trade, Argentina economic crisis, and Japan fiscal policy.

Mr Melkman gained considerable attention for recognizing a unique investment opportunity in the 2015 Argentine general election, which strengthened Mr Melkman's reputation as a hedge fund manager with unique insight which can produce insights from raw data that others might never consider.

Ben Melkman is a graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science, earning his degree with honours.

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