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Edgar Bronfman Jr.

Firm Name:

Accretive LLC


Managing Partner






Venture Capital & Private Equity


United States


Collegiate School

Edgar Bronfman Jr.

After beginning his career in film production, Edgar Bronfman Jr went on to become CEO of Seagram, the Canadian-based conglomerate. During his tenure as CEO, Bronfman oversaw the $9 billion sale of its beverage division to Diageo, and its acquisition of Universal Pictures and MCA, making it one of the most important companies in the entertainment industry.

Bronfman would later go on to personally acquire Warner Music Group (WMG) in 2004, where he served as Chairman and CEO for over seven years. Under his leadership, WMG held an initial public offering, and was eventually sold for $3.3 billion to Len Blavatnik’s Access Industries in 2011.

In recent years, Bronfman has served as a managing partner of Accretive, as well as forming his own venture capital fund, Waverly Capital. The firm is based in New York, Palo Alto and Los Angeles, and invests across the technology and entertainment sectors.

Bronfman has also had a successful career as both a songwriter and film producer, writing for the likes of Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand, and creating movies with both Jack Nicholson and Peter Sellers.

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