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Thomas Tull

Firm Name:



Founder, Chairman and CEO




Pittsburgh, PA


Venture Capital


United States


Hamilton College

Thomas Tull

Thomas Tull is a leading entrepreneur and innovator and the founder, Chairman and CEO of Tulco. His ability to recognize overlooked opportunities, especially businesses that can be reimagined through technological innovation, has been a common thread throughout his career and he has successfully identified and invested in a number of startup and early stage technology companies, including Oculus, Genies, Zoox and Magic Leap, among others.

Thomas is most well-known for founding Legendary Entertainment in 2004 and building it into one of the most successful film entertainment production companies in Hollywood. At Legendary, Thomas built a team of leading data scientists to develop and deploy sophisticated data analytics that changed how movies are marketed and increased the commercial success of Legendary’s films. These innovations have since been widely copied throughout Hollywood.

Outside of his investment work, Thomas is an active supporter of philanthropic causes that support education, medical and scientific research and conservation through the Tull Family Foundation. He is a member of the MIT School of Engineering Dean’s Advisory Council, and a trustee of Carnegie Mellon University, Yellowstone Forever, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum and the Smithsonian Institution.

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