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The link to the video interview with Richard Friedman will be uploaded soon.

Firm Name:






Goldman Sachs

Chairman of Asset Management Division; Chair of Merchant Banking Division

$700 billion

Asset Management / Private Equity / Distressed Investing

BA Brown University; MBA University of Chicago


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Richard Friedman is the Chairman of the Merchant Banking and Asset Management Divisions at Goldman Sachs. Mr. Friedman joined Goldman Sachs in 1981 and was named Partner in 1990.


Mr. Friedman was previously Global Head of the Merchant Banking Division for 21 years until 2019. Mr. Friedman was an early pioneer in private equity and distressed investing, founding Goldman Sachs’ sub-divisions of these strategies within the Asset Management Division.


Mr. Friedman is also a fellow and Secretary of the Corporation of Brown University, where he and his wife, Susan Friedman, funded the renovation of Wilson Hall, now renamed Friedman Hall. Mr. Friedman is also the Co-Chairman and on the Board of Trustees of the Mount Sinai Hospital System, where he founded the Friedman Brain Institute.


On July 1, Mr. Friedman’s film ‘The Surge at Mount Sinai’ will premiere on Discovery Plus. The documentary details the COVID-19 crisis at Mount Sinai, which faced some of the highest concentrations of COVID-19 hospitalizations globally.


Mr. Friedman earned his BA from Brown University and MBA at the University of Chicago.

Richard Friedman

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