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David Schwimmer

London Stock Exchange


Chief Executive Officer

David Schwimmer's extensive career trajectory has solidified his reputation as a prominent figure in the financial world. As Chief Executive Officer of LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group), he orchestrates the strategic direction of one of the world's leading financial market infrastructure providers. With his remarkable tenure at Goldman Sachs spanning over two decades, Mr. Schwimmer demonstrated exceptional leadership and acumen in navigating the complexities of global finance.

Complementing his prior educational achievements, Mr. Schwimmer's acquisition of a Law Degree from Harvard Law School adds a layer of legal expertise to his skill set. This background equips him with a deep understanding of regulatory frameworks and legal considerations that shape the financial industry, enhancing his capacity to navigate complex regulatory environments with finesse.

In his current role as CEO at LSEG, Mr. Schwimmer's diverse educational background, coupled with his extensive experience, positions him as a visionary leader capable of driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and steering the organization towards sustainable growth. His multifaceted approach to leadership, melding financial acumen, strategic insight, and a solid foundation in the humanities and law, distinguishes him as a remarkable figure shaping the future of the financial world.

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