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Radhey Patel

Radhey Patel


Radhey was born in London, but spent many of his formative years in Gurgaon, India. After returning to complete his secondary education, he worked at a VC-funded tech start-up over his gap year, gaining a first-hand insight into the impacts of seed-investing and striking a passion for the alternatives. He has prior experiences working across Private Equity, Investment Banking and Strategy Consulting.

He joined AIC as a logistics officer, seeking to create a tangible impact within the community of young business leaders and taking on the responsibility for executing the conference. In his current role as Co-President, Radhey hopes to host the most monumental conference in the history of AIC, with an emphasis on talent and diversity amongst delegates and speakers.

He is currently studying BSc Economics and Philosophy. Outside of LSE and AIC, he enjoys watching Formula 1 and is an avid golfer, often found pinging balls down the range or watching the tour.

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